Best Places in the Home to Add a Bathroom

There are many reasons why you would choose to add a bathroom to your home. Perhaps your family is growing and one bathroom is just not cutting it. Or maybe you’re putting on an addition and it needs its own separate plumbing. Whatever the case, adding a bathroom to your home poses a great value.

In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine, adding a bathroom allows you to recoup more than 30 percent of your investment. But even more than the value it adds to your property, a second (or third) bathroom offers unparalleled convenience to your family – whether you plan to move in the near future or not.

To help you make the most out of the project and ensure it’s done right, partner with a trusted plumber in Boerne. Now that you know you want an additional bathroom, the next question is: where should you put it? There are many factors to consider.

Factors to Consider: Bathroom Placement

Unless you’re adding on a whole new addition to your home, the best spot to add a bathroom will be in a space that you already have. It’s possible to squeeze a second bathroom into just about any area, as long as you can get all the plumbing to fit.

Here’s some food for thought. It’s possible to:

  • Put a sink and toilet into a 3’x5’ area.
  • Add a shower in a 3’x8’ foot space.
  • Fit a complete shower bathroom in an area of 25 square feet.

Here are some areas of inspiration as to where you can add that extra bathroom.

First-Floor Laundry

Already got a dedicated laundry room in your home? Consider adding a stackable washer and dryer combination to free up more space in the rest of the room for a half bath.


Many homeowners have that odd untraveled end of a hallway that just does not seem to add function or value. If this area never gets any use, why not add a bathroom there? These spaces often contain as much as 30 to 40 square feet of space that’s just getting wasted with no purpose. Even if you don’t have a window there, it still makes for a cozy half guest bath.

Closets Back-to-Back

Adjoining closets, when opened, may measure up to 4’x4’. This is plenty for a small bathroom. Yes, you will have to give up your closet space, but if you can relocate your seasonal clothing and other storage items elsewhere, this is a viable option.


If you have an oversized linen or walk-in master bedroom closet, considering adding a half bath to this space. Good news is, this can be achieved without making too many structural changes.

Existing Bath

Got a large existing bathroom? Split it into two bathrooms by relocating select fixtures. You just need a minimum of 5’x6’ to fit a standard toilet, tub, and sink. If your existing bathroom is quite large, you can split it in two with the relocation of select fixtures.

Under a Staircase

This may give you Harry Potter vibes, but adding a small bathroom under the staircase can be very beneficial and convenient due to its location. If you assume a sink and toilet won’t fit well under the stairs, we assure you, they can. You just have to heed the limited headroom before you convert this tight space.


Got a large master bedroom and don’t mind sacrificing some space? Add a bathroom here so you can reclaim the three-foot area from one side. Put in a toilet at one end, a shower stall at the other end, and a vanity sink at the opposite end of the partition door.


The use of the garage for additional living space has been getting more popular over the years as people convert these spaces to man caves, workrooms, home gyms, and more. It makes sense to add a bathroom as well, so your family and guests don’t have to venture into the main home to use the facilities.

This would only work in an attached garage; otherwise, you would have to go outside to use the bathroom. It’s also best if you have a two-garage space for the most room. Your garage will also need access to power and a water source. Installation of a ventilation system is a must so that moisture from the shower doesn’t result in mold damage.


This option would probably give you the largest amount of space and leeway to put an extra bathroom. This is a popular choice with homeowners, and for good reason. However, it’s often one of the most expensive places to add a bathroom because, unless the walls are treated, moisture from the shower will damage the walls and even impact the home’s structural integrity.

Consult with both a builder and a plumber with experience in bathroom additions to basements before tackling this.

In Conclusion

So, whether your kids are morphing into privacy-seeking teens or the in-laws need extra care and need to live with you full time, there’s little doubt that the addition of a bathroom adds value and convenience to the entire family. You will need a professional plumber in Boerne to ensure the plumbing is properly installed and up to code. That’s where we come in.

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