Top Plumbing Issues in Boerne TX

Being a homeowner in Boerne has its challenges. It may be rewarding on many levels, but there are always home maintenance issues that can pop up and take you by surprise. From leaky faucets to clogged drains to water heaters that are on the fritz, we are here to go over the most common plumbing issues affecting homeowners in Boerne TX and surrounding areas.

If you experience any of the following plumbing issues, make sure you have a trusted plumber in Boerne on speed dial to help you in a timely and efficient manner. Doing your homework now before there’s a big problem will save you time and money later on. Waiting for a plumbing emergency is never a wise – or cost efficient – option as a homeowner. Here are the top plumbing issues to keep in mind.

1. Clogs

Clogs are fairly common in any household, usually occurring in the bathroom or kitchen. While they can certainly be annoying, these issues pose a safety threat as well. If neglected, the clog will only worsen. Persistent clogs, characterized by frustratingly-slow drains and associated odors, must be cleared on a regular basis or they can cause serious problems further along in the pipe. If you seem to be getting repeated clogs, this often signals pump issues or a failing septic system. For that, you would need a pumping service.

For common clogs, you can try pouring boiling water down the drain, followed by a mixture of one cup baking soda and one cup water or vinegar. Cover with the plug and wait 10 minutes, then pour more boiling water down the drain. That should break up a small to moderate clog. Severe clogs will need the attention of a plumber.

2. Leaks

A second common plumbing problem is leaks, usually occurring in faucets, toilets, showers, sinks, fixtures, and piping. Cracked underground pipes can be a major source of leaks, and need the attention of a plumber who can identify and isolate the area of concern. If you ignore even small leaks now, they will worsen with time and cause you more headaches later on.

Keep an eye out for leaks on a regular basis to prevent significant water loss, not to mention possible property damage. One clue may be an unusually high water bill, which could indicate a slab leak. These aren’t visible to the naked eye, but you may hear rushing water underneath your floors.

3. Varying Water Temperatures

Hot water issues are disruptive and dangerous. Maintaining proper water temperatures is important as a homeowner. You don’t want anyone to get burned with water that’s too hot, and you don’t want water that’s too tepid because that’s just not fun to shower in. Whether your water is too hot, too cool, or inconsistent throughout the day, a professional plumber will be able to troubleshoot the situation. They may have to replace the thermostats or more insulation may need to be added.

Other possible causes of inconsistent water temperatures include:

  • Hot water heater issues (thermostat, temperature setting, blocked valves or connections)
  • Inadequate water heater size (too small of a unit won’t provide you with the consistency or amount of hot water you need)
  • Cracked or broken dip tube
  • Improper size of pipes throughout your home
  • Outdated or damaged appliances (i.e., dishwashers, washing machines)
  • Old valves (aging valves cannot properly control water temperature)
  • Temperature knob defects
4. Sewer Odors

If you are smelling nasty odors coming from your sewer or throughout your home, this could signal a sewage backup just waiting behind the scenes to explode. Not only can expensive property damage result, the cleanup can pose serious health risks to your family. A plumber will be able to diagnose and address the source of the nasty odor quickly. Many things could be to blame, such as a tangled tree root in a pipe or another obstruction.

Leaking pipes allow for the escape of hydrogen sulfide, which is what causes that sewer odor. You don’t need a huge crack to get a leak, either. Even loose-fitting pipes and perforations can cause leaks and odors. More serious circumstances can arise when sewer lines break or become damaged from corrosion, age, and tree root intrusion.

5. Running Toilets

Running toilets can actually waste up to 200 gallons a day, leading to large amounts of water waste over time. This is an annoying type of plumbing issues that can be caused by many things, such as:

  • Improperly-sized flapper chains
  • Refill tube issues
  • Worn flush valves and flapper seals
  • Corroded toilet handles

You may be alerted by a higher than normal water bill, or maybe the annoying sound of a running toilet will drive you mad. Either way, get it looked at as soon as possible.

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